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I guess Im sorta on a roll right now. The new issue of Antenna has hit shelves chocked full of pictures of clothing, shoes, accessories, anit-depressants and whatever. If you turn to page 19 however, you’ll find the full-page ad I helped work on featuring the “No Sell Out” collage I did for Commonwealth. The collage features photos of activist’s, militants, pacifists, musicians and heroes (mostly from the 60’s.) I’m pretty proud of it, and can’t wait to see it reincarnate later on this year.

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You say Good-bye…

I was going to go a little more crazy on this one. Maybe an animated gif with blinking neon lights, but fuck it, I got lazy (sorry JC.) This should/will be a good time tho, Doddie is comin’ down from RVA, and I’ve never had a bad time when he’s been on the set. So mark this shit on your calendars.

Oh yea, this Saturday is Reflex in Richmond. DJ’s Treasure Fingers, Doddie, and 319. Check out the flyer a few posts back for the flyer and details.

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It’s been maybe a week or two since I’ve updated, and I’m pretty sure many heads have given up on this site by now…according to my wordpress stats at least. Anyway, for the grand re-opening of Chaque Saison I thought I’d post a few things I’ve always wanted, but somehow forgot about em, or have just been to broke. (and that ain’t funny!)

First up to bat is the Eames Bird produced by Vitra. If you’re an Eames fan then you’ve seen this piece pop up in a lot of Charles’ photography. Probably most recognizable in the product shot of the D.K.R. (wire chairs). In fact this little bird made it’s way into the Waste MGMT. logo I made 4 or 5 years ago. Continue reading

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Stolen Moments

DJ Moses at Fantastic Planet in RVA. He asked me not to judge him by his set…at the end of the night I told him it was, “just okay.” hahaha. Just jokes dudebro!

One more of Mau…I think after this shot, I didn’t see him for the rest of the night, until he came home looking for jigsaw puzzles. What a flag.

A pic of Doddie and Sam at Fan Plan.

Paulo on crafts day at George’s house.

RVA, if your wonderin’ what BV! is doing nowadays, this is it. Besides going to Starbucks, Barnes & Nobles, and bars like ‘Avantis’ for lingerie night. Party on!


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We Fly High…

For the animated version, click on image.

Here’s a flyer I did for Doddie. I know my graff skills ain’t really up to par, but I thought I’d give it a shot on this flyer, and did the headline in Illustrator. Also, in this flyer I added the Noah Larmz (No Alarms) mascot/logo, and the DJ Doddie logo (the Wizard) into the design. Continue reading

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Just Blaze Vs. Delinger

Thanks to BV for posting the “how to hook up Vimeo videos” on this shit. Anyways, here’s a video of my homie Delinger (Kuya Tribe) in what I think is a battle with Just Blaze. Big up!

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DJ Wizard

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