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Probable Pause

A few more photos that I didn’t have time to scan the other day.

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Dollars and Cents

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Find Art Blakey

You’ve most likely seen the Antenna ad a few posts back. Well the collage used for the ad, was not the first. Below, is my first my attempt at creating the logo collage. The later one is definitely tighter as far as concept, and theme.

This first version is mostly made up of of my favorite Jazz musicians, then I started running out out of artists, so I tossed some of my favorite Hip-Hop and Rock bands into the mix. I had cut out almost 100 psd’s for this piece, only to have my Mac’s hard drive crap out on me, losing everything I had worked on. Bummer. but fuck it, I’m a lot happier with the “No Sell Out” collage.

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Pennies on the Dollar

It’s great when you find a song you’ve been searching for forever. Back in ’93, my sophomore year of H.S. (Go Mission Bay Buccaneers!) I rocked the hell out of Common Sense’s “Can I Borrow A Dollar” LP. I would wake up at 5:30A to catch the Magnet bus to Mission Bay from Paradise Hills, and “Can I…” or “93 Till Infinity” was what held me over for the 45 minute bus ride to school.

This was when Common was rhymin’ about Hoe’s and Forty-O’s, and I thought it was one of the illest albums I had heard at the time. Anyhow, thanks to isoHunt I found the album again, and have been listening to it all day. Just wanted to share one of my favorite tracks off of it, and for good measure I added the original sample by Eddie Kendricks….Intimate Friends.

Note these are’nt real videos.

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