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Some Stussy shirts I designed last year will be droppin’ this Saturday at the DC Chapter. Funny fact, the “Stick Up Kids” tee features a few presidents heads imposed on images of me and Walt.

Detailed look of the graphics below


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We Fly High…

For the animated version, click on image.

Here’s a flyer I did for Doddie. I know my graff skills ain’t really up to par, but I thought I’d give it a shot on this flyer, and did the headline in Illustrator. Also, in this flyer I added the Noah Larmz (No Alarms) mascot/logo, and the DJ Doddie logo (the Wizard) into the design. Continue reading

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DJ Wizard

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Snakey Mouse

For my Magic City residents.

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Another flyer circa ’94. This one was for my friend/god mother (ha.), Antonette. She was turning 18 and threw a party at the Kempsville Lakes Rec Center. From what I remember the party was dope, and that was w/out any ETOH…maybe just a little THC.

On a side note, I ran into an old friend, Ronald, and he’s currently trying to iron out the details on an ECB reunion. If you remember that crew, than your showing your age. I personally didn’t know what he was talking about.

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I know this one was posted earlier, but I wanted to show how we used to get down w/ the colored paper! lol

Vibes N Stuff flyer. I like how I gave a shout to the “Flip Flops.”

This flyer is more recent. Maybe 2003? 319 Parties in RVA were always sick.

Not a flyer, but from about 99. Just thought I’d toss it in.


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